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Professional experience, networks, know-how – all things that are expected of higher-educated new recruits. Graduates often spend years being exploited by internships, defining their borders, getting encrusted in existing structures and seeking out possibilities for advancement - including through continued study - connected to their area of expertise.

USP (Unique Schoch Projects) sees itself as a link between “specialist knowledge” and “industry”, in the sense of filling the gap left behind, for example, by the former vocational college in Berlin for dedicated young people with specialist qualifications. “The present generation has more to offer than we generally entrust them with. They are all too often denied the opportunity to show what they can do!” says Jörg Schoch, founder of USP (www.usp-international.de). Evolved from his own experiences, he developed a unique concept, a link between corporations, young, open-minded graduates and young entrepreneurs, under the motto “Old Enough to Know Better: Crossover of the Generations”.

Upon completion of a bachelor's degree (BA), the student hasn't yet acquired any references. Their potential and creativity cannot yet be recognised or appropriately evaluated by the market. Through financed artistic, cultural and economic projects, talented youngsters can gain experience in stable surroundings, earn some money, take on responsibility and learn to find their own way in the world. Whether self-employed, with USP or through a career with another firm – anyone who is equipped with the knowledge of his own strengths, capabilities and experiences will be able to find the right path for himself.

USP works in cooperation with fresh-thinking and young at heart businesses and businesspeople, and with institutions that view working with graduates such as these as an effective, meaningful enrichment, rather than a danger. USP stands for new ideas – additional perspectives – as a bridge between the generations.

If you would like to learn more about this, please feel free to get in contact with me at any time.

My work

Selections from my back catalogue
BA adviser Oct 2012-Jan 2013

Assistance with bachelor theses as mentor and second examiner in the following subjects: Fundraising, Crowdfunding, Augmented Reality, at The Academy of Mittweida

Publication United NetworkerSeptember 2012

Publication of first interview on the theme of “Networks for the Future – Network Marketing as a Path to Self-Reliance” in the trade publication “United Networker”, the first instalment of a continuing regular column. Available as a pdf here. hier.

BA supervision 2012

Supervision as mentor and second examiner on the bachelor thesis of Mattes Moormann, The Academy of Mittweida: “Networks for the Future – Network Marketing as a Path to Self-Reliance” (First examiner: Professor Dr. Ludwig Hilmer)

Network Marketingsince 2012

Entry into network marketing

Lecturersince 2008

Tutor and visiting lecturer at the Academy of Popular Arts (HDPK), Berlin, European media and Business Academy (EMBA), Hamburg – Berlin, The Academy of Culture and Education, Berlin, The Institute of Dialogue Marketing (IDM), Berlin, The Institute of Managerial Guidance (IFM), Potsdam – Berlin, in the departments of Communication, Media and Event Management, Public Relations, Marketing/Sales, Event Marketing, Social Media, Social Communication

Various productions2004-08

Idea, conception, production and realization of “Buddy – The Rock'n'Roll Show” with Ian Wood, Koffi Missah, Gianni Meurer, Christopher Graham and many others. Tour planning and realisation of Wolfram Eicke's children's musical, “Der Notenbaum (The Note Tree)”, working together with Bosworth Publishing House, Berlin.


Development of the show dance project “El Sol zur Sonne zum Leben (El Sol to Live for the Sun)”


Production of the musical “George Gershwin – American Rhapsody”, with its own orchestra (conductor: Pjotr Komorowski) and ballet (director: Darryl Robinson), with Adrienne West, Grant Newsome, George Winewright, Sabine Hettlich and many others, in Budapest Opera Theater

Production, Lecturer 1994
Hamburg Berlin

Lecturer in Event Marketing at the Hamburg Academy for Communication (KAH); alongside production of the CD of the musical “Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story” (as executive producer) for SONY Music; over 200,000 copies sold


Organization and realization of press conferences for the “Störtebeker Festival” on Rügen, thereby playing a part in the eventual large-scale success of the event (nowadays ca. 400,000 visitors each season)

Foundation of publishing house1992

Foundation of ARAGON music publishers, Berlin, and the label A.W.S. Records, Berlin (in cooperation with ROBA music publishers, Hamburg and Rolf Budde music publishers, Berlin)


Production of various radio advertisements; Composition and production of various cinema, documentary and television film music, including for “Tatort (Crime Scene)”, “Wunder Wildnis (Wilderness Wonders)”, “Welt der Wunder (The World of Wonder)” (both presented by Hendrik Hey), “Die Eisprinzessin (The Ice Princess)”, “Eines Tages Irgendwann (Somewhere Down the Road)” from Vadim Glowna (Director) and Lutz Weidlich (Producer), “Georg Elsner – Einer aus Deutschland (Georg Elsner – A Guy from Germany)” with Klaus Maria Brandauer, “Stalins Braut (Stalin's Bride)” from Peter Basco and the music for the German version of “Mystic Pizza” with Julia Roberts; alongside CD production, including the first live CD release of the “Potsdamer Kabarett am Obelisk (Potsdam Cabaret at the Obelisk)”, “Ossis völlig durchgedreht (Those Crazy Easties)” with Gisbert-P. Terhorst, Gretel Schulze, Barbara Küster and many others, and the production of the first copies with song book of “Flieg höher (Fly Higher!)”, by the children's song, musical and book author Wolfram Eicke, Lübeck

Academic studies 1986-88

Studied Music, German Studies and Philosophy at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences

Foundation of studio 1986-88

Establishment of own sound recording studio; production and marketing of first jingles and adverts for Radio Schleswig-Holstein and Radio Hamburg; managerial activities as tour organiser, including for Joe Cocker; also active as musician in own right (piano, saxophone, flute), performing live with the band “ZING Comic-Rock-Show” and as editor of the youth magazine “Der Überflieger (The High Flyer)”

Press work 1985
Bad Segeberg

Press work at m-Dienst (the music media service of the German recording industry, Bad Segeberg) and “Karl-May-Spiele (Karl May Theatrics)”, Bad Segeberg

Apprenticeship 1981-84

Apprenticeship as bookseller and publisher at Weiland Nachf., Lübeck

School leaving examination 1981

School leaving examination


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